Strobe Utility Not Working with XL2411 (60hz)

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Strobe Utility Not Working with XL2411 (60hz)

Postby el_byrno » 11 Jan 2017, 12:10

I could be doing something really stupid here, but I'm trying to run the strobe utility program on my Benqxl2411 ( ... 31_TE_dp_1), but once it opens it's saying that no compatible monitors have been detected. The monitor itself is running at 60hz, as it's hooked up to my laptop via hdmi. I'm hoping to find some way to get this to work at 60hz, since there is definitely a noticeable motion blur in FPS games like Overwatch.

I've also gone through some of the troubleshooting here (, but so far nothing has worked :/

Thanks in advance for any help and sorry about the shitty formatting :P
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