latest fimware for benq xl2730z is v002

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latest fimware for benq xl2730z is v002

Postby nathan02 » 07 Apr 2017, 22:48

latest fimware for benq xl2730z is v002 right?
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Re: latest fimware for benq xl2730z is v002

Postby Falkentyne » 08 Apr 2017, 17:36

Unless someone posts a newer firmware for it.
It doesn't really matter anyway. The XL2730Z *AND* the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q have certain panel defects which cannot be fixed (while not all panels will fail, many users have had certain failures which happen on both monitors, and always the same symptoms. Even though the panel model number is different, it's the same exact panel, just a different part number to accommodate the different bezels between Benq and Asus). Also blur reduction is partially broken on the XL2730Z; the monitor will strobe at 120hz timings even at 100hz, causing an out of sync and unusable display. Also Vertical Total tweaks are IGNORED by the scaler, meaning crosstalk is not reduced whatsoever by increasing the vertical total. This issue (and the 100hz issue) was fixed on the XL2735 (you can tell by the scaler being different--Realtek 2796BF (same as on the XL2540) vs 2796B, even though (a personal pet peeve I have), the monitor will still double strobe at 60hz, making it worthless for consoles.

The problem is that no one has tested if FREESYNC works on the XL2735 or not. The scaler supports it, and in the monitortests CRU thread (and on Guru3d forums), people have gotten freesync to work on scalers which support "variable refresh rate" just by editing in the freesync range. But I can't find anyone who owns this monitor to test this (there's zero reason why it shouldn't work though).

Unlike the XL2540, blur reduction is enabled by default in the service menu (it's disabled by default on the XL2540), so you would have to disable "DyAc" and then try the freesync hack.
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