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Best 240hz monitor for FPS

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Re: Best 240hz monitor for FPS

Postby RealNC » 13 Sep 2017, 12:49

StillBlaze wrote:Yeah I am most likely understating how good IPS would be but in comparison to the 2411z the colors are just really refreshing and nice to have.

When you look at the screen dead-on, perfectly centered, and it's not too close to you, the difference between a good TN and an IPS is somewhat subtle and difficult to see.

You only get noticeable differences once you start to move your head a bit or have the monitor close to you.

(The above doesn't apply to portrait mode. Portrait mode on TN is so bad, it should be declared illegal.)
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Re: Best 240hz monitor for FPS

Postby frunction » 21 Sep 2017, 11:30

I just picked up the XB252Q thanks to BlurBuster's results regarding G-sync being input lag being negligible, I was interested in giving it a try. For Quake Champions and Overwatch, 238 capped G-Sync is great!

Specifically for PUBG, since the game never goes above 144FPS and drops into the 100FPS range at times with a 1080 Ti, should I be running G-Sync on or off? I noticed in the couple of games I got in yesterday before maintenance it's relatively smooth but does stutter sometimes with G-Sync on.

Also as an aside, with my Dell and Asus monitors I can clearly see in the OSD or with a light change that G-Sync is enabled and running. Does the XB252Q have any such function?
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Re: Best 240hz monitor for FPS

Postby jorimt » 21 Sep 2017, 11:43

Yes, leave G-SYNC enabled in PUBG, as that is the best scenario to use it in (fluctuating frames below the refresh rate).

G-SYNC can't remove all stutter. It only prevents the stutter caused by V-SYNC when it repeats a frame below the refresh rate, nothing else. See my paragraph here about frametime spikes to read about most of the causes of stutter (which G-SYNC can do nothing about): ... spikes-101

The XB252Q has a refresh rate meter you can activate via OSD > Refresh rate num > On. If it's fluctuating during a game, G-SYNC is active and working, if it's static, G-SYNC isn't active, or you don't have a framerate limit in place and the framerate is exceeding your refresh rate, in which case, G-SYNC is also active.
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Re: Best 240hz monitor for FPS

Postby value » Yesterday, 15:13

Hi, does anyone have any thoughts on the Acer XF270HA, a 27" 240hz panel ?
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