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Broken Monitor - Damaged DisplayPort Socket

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Broken Monitor - Damaged DisplayPort Socket

Postby BurzumStride » 12 Sep 2017, 09:10


My Acer XB240HA (144hz G-sync) display has stopped working after pulling out the DisplayPort cable too forcefully.
It still shows up as a potential display, but no settings can be saved with any computer configuration, leading me to believe that the some of the DisplayPort's sockets are broken.
The monitor has been opened afterwards, so may not be eligible for warranty, especially since the flaw is not due to a manufacturing defect. So even if they do fix it, they may demand an additional payment.

The DisplayPort in that model is part of the mainboard, which costs £285 (more than the monitor itself).

I stand to lose £40 on shipping if I try to push it for warranty, and nobody is able to give me a definitive answer as to they will even accept it or whether additional repair costs will be incurred (likely very high if they want to replace the whole mainboard).

Has anyone had any success changing or repairing a DisplayPort socket that is integrated as part of a monitor mainboard?
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Re: Broken Monitor - Damaged DisplayPort Socket

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 12 Sep 2017, 12:22


Yes, sometimes simple repairs succeed but it's a "luck of the draw".

If you think your warranty is now 100% voided, and you already opened it up, check if you can see any visible loosening. Is it surface mounted or pin-mounted?

Ripping a DisplayPort from a circuit board sometimes can be repaired, but it depends on how it got ripped. If it's a simple broken solder joint, it's been quickly repaired in a mere 30 seconds (after spending an hour disassembling & reassembling). Do not attempt this unless (A) your warranty is voided, (B) you have nothing to lose, (C) replacing the monitor is preferable to spending darn near 300 quid. If you meet A/B/C, and have enough decent experience with a quick solder repair, proceed.

If it's surface mounted and you can see the circuit traces (and it's not irreparably ripped off the board, just a detach of two pieces of metal) -- get a very sharp-tip temperature-adjustable soldering iron (chinese generics from eBay are available for $30; good enough for this job) designed specifically for surface mount.

Re-tin the contacts and make the jack connected again. The ground tabs may be through-pin-solder (structural) but the DisplayPort conductors might be surface mounted. If you're worried, get a "surface mount soldering practice kit" (eBay, $5) before attempting to resolder a detached surface-mounted port.

If it's permanent damage to circuit board (cracked circuit board, traces completely ripped from the circuit board, nothing for solder to stick to) -- then you might be SOL unless you're very creative and experienced.

Disclaimer: Do at your risk. We disclaim any permanent damage.
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Re: Broken Monitor - Damaged DisplayPort Socket

Postby BurzumStride » 13 Sep 2017, 14:02

Thanks very much for the quick response, this sort of information is hard to come across! I'll open it up and have a closer look at the DisplayPort socket and decide what to do next.
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