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Which adapter I need to buy ?

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Which adapter I need to buy ?

Postby espe89 » 26 Jul 2015, 07:49

Hello everyone,

Sorry for my poor english, (I'm French :p)

I have an issue with my setup, I cant run 120hz on my iiyama g2773hs.
This monitor always worked with 120hz signal on my gtx 670 SLI (Plugged with DVI) then I decided to upgrade GPU and monitor for 1440p.

So I'm now with my Qnix 2710 @ 100hz 1440p on the only one DVI out I got on my EVGA gtx 980Ti SC2.0, I have 3 other DP outs but the only way to have 120hz working on the iiyama is DVI (like the Qnix).

I know there is a lot of adapters, I know I will need an active one, but I dunno if this one will work : ... VI-D+Actif

Anyone here got the same problem and solved it with an adapter ?


Second question :

I cant go more than 100hz with my qnix @ 1440p, but I dont understand why I cant go 120hz @ 1024*768 (for CS:GO)
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