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ASUS vg248qe after lightboost

Motion blur eliminating strobe backlights found in gaming monitors. This includes NVIDIA LightBoost, Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB), EIZO Turbo240, ToastyX Strobelight utility, etc.

Re: ASUS vg248qe after lightboost

Postby caseyohrn » 14 Sep 2017, 01:06

If a window from a browser is open for too long that part of the screen will be affected. It's not just a single line, but can also be square shaped and sometimes words, buttons & icons will be retained.

It has to be one of those two parts from my results of unplugging all the cables and doing the burn-in test from the service menu and instantly seeing no burn-in. Upon plugging the monitor back in using Display Port & HDMI the retention returned immediately in the same spots.

The day I get the parts I'll burn-in my screen nice and good for before and after results.

To be honest, I'm quite excited to see where the problem is coming from.
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Re: ASUS vg248qe after lightboost

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 14 Sep 2017, 10:02

That's definitely image retention. (Also called "burn in", but it is typically not permanent).

What is the firmware version for this VG248QE? I'm curious if it's a specific firmware.

Also, what do you see when you view ?
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Re: ASUS vg248qe after lightboost

Postby caseyohrn » 14 Sep 2017, 18:48

These are the numbers I see in service mode:
SVN 001

This is what I see when I went to the link you posted:

So before I pull everything apart when the replacements come. Which part should I check first? Power supply, or motherboard? I feel I should replace the power supply first just in case the one I have currently doesn't ruin the replacement motherboard.

I should also note that I've had this monitor since August 2014. Was on vacation for over a week in July this year. When I got back home is when I started to notice this problem.

Also sold my 295x2 about a month ago. There was another issue where sometimes the screen would flicker for a split second. Thought it was an issue with my GPU. I ended up getting a 1080ti and it still flickers the same way but this is a very random occurrence that happens since I've had this monitor. Sometimes when I boot my desktop another problem is that it will only detect 60hz and not 144hz. The 295x2 used a mini DisplayPort cable that was certified. The new DisplayPort I bought for my 1080ti was purchased from Monoprice.

There's so many variables with my system, but obviously even after I install the replacement parts I'll have to keep you updated on this.
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