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by lissdell
19 Mar 2020, 01:35
Forum: Input Lag / Display Lag / Network Lag
Topic: problem with my cs go
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Re: problem with my cs go

Have you tried the program "Intelligent standby list cleaner" set "Wanted timer resolution" to 0,5. There are orher simular program that do the same. You also need to set useplatformtick to Yes(CMD-> "bdcedit /set useplatformtick yes") CMD need to be runned as administrator and a reboot is needed to...
by lissdell
18 Mar 2020, 07:00
Forum: General — Displays, Graphics & More
Topic: 1080p on 1440p/4k with 1:1 pixel scaling
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1080p on 1440p/4k with 1:1 pixel scaling

Hi! I have a question, how is it to play 1080p on a 27" (1440p or 4k)? For example if I have two monitor one 1080p and one 1440p, same specifications and play the game at 1080p(no scaling, 1:1 pixel) will there be any difference regarding latency between them? Hardware to day is 9700k with 2070 super.
by lissdell
10 Mar 2020, 06:05
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Topic: XL2746S Dyac+ is here!
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Re: XL2746S Dyac+ is here!

Maximum GtG 100% transition time is lower in current IPS panels like Viewsonic XG270 or Acer Nitro XV273X 8.9ms , compared with Benq/Zowie XL2540 20ms :!: if max GtG transition is up to 20ms, pixel color is far from the target. Hi sorry for not understanding, but I cant find those numbers in the re...
by lissdell
21 Feb 2020, 05:29
Forum: General — Displays, Graphics & More
Topic: BENQ Zowie XL2746S & XL2546S (*DISCONTINUED*) Owners Thread
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Re: BENQ Zowie XL2746S

Any update regarding xl2546s?