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by fazeobama
23 Nov 2021, 23:09
Forum: Display Overclocking
Topic: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz
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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Any body having xl2411p oced to 200hz??? Am having issue Turn off instant mode and see if it goes above 150hz. I had the same issue on my older benq, exactly at 150 as well, might be for the same reason. Alternatively what also works is using a lower horizontal (below 1400 total) total and then goi...
by fazeobama
03 Apr 2021, 06:03
Forum: Display Overclocking
Topic: XL2411P overclock
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Re: XL2411P overclock

ye bruh i got same monitor and have been switching between 180hz and 200hz for roughly a year now. I hardly know much about how these kinda things work, but after a while I was able to get my OC to work for me in csgo. Before starting the process of creating the OC resolution, make sure you have oor...