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by christizzz
03 Oct 2020, 09:29
Forum: FreeSync
Topic: LFC kicking in earlier
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LFC kicking in earlier

Hello, I witched from my old TN native Gsync monitor to an IPS freesync monitor ( lg 27 GL850). The new LG monitor can show the refresh rate in the OSD. i am running an nvidia gtx 1070 card.. the monitor has a range of 48-144hz... But the LFC seems to be kicking early at 60fps i am seeing a refresh ...
by christizzz
14 May 2020, 08:05
Forum: G-SYNC
Topic: Image difference between 144Hz and 60Hz
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Image difference between 144Hz and 60Hz

Hello, So here is my "problem".I dont know if it is a problem or a normal behavior. I have an acer predator xb271hu with gsync ( TN Panel). It has a native refresh rate of 144Hz. Eveything was working as intended... then i noticed 2 things/ problems: Specs: i5 6600k GTX 1070 Gsync Active only in Ful...