Fix for input lag

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Re: Fix for input lag

Post by Slender » 02 Apr 2024, 17:15

SeekNDstroy wrote:
02 Apr 2024, 01:31
ccfan wrote:
01 Apr 2024, 11:06

This method has been working consistently for me for about 2 weeks now so i figure i'd share it to see if you guys find similar results.
What if I have made custom resolution via gpu driver control panel?

Assuming, this method will only work if you have to stick with the default preset values.

I didn't notice any significant difference by disabling the monitor driver. Probably because I have made changes in the CRU and kept only one entry for the 1080p resolution in the detailed resolution section.

I had to select the CVT reduced timings for 144hz to downclock the amd memory. I will try to check your steps today.
thats not all, you have scaling resolution in your gpu
you need SRE.exe

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Re: Fix for input lag

Post by wilkN » 03 Apr 2024, 01:09

Has anyone made a script that deleted the value and refreshes the screen, so everything is automated?

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Re: Fix for input lag

Post by ccfan » 03 Apr 2024, 12:02

This might be a bit of a long post but i think its important writing out the process so people can experiment with the method.

I got the "fix" working on every boot without requiring me to delete anything or refresh everything, basically set once and done.

I initially tried changing permissions in the device parameter folder as quish suggested to stop EDID from re initiating every boot. This worked and stopped having to delete EDID every time, but for some reason it wasnt giving me the same consistent feel as manually deleting the EDID so i undid the changes and went back to manually deleting and refreshing every boot. I think it has something to do with this properties folder having specific values set somehow being relevant in that idk if EDID affects them on boot or something. All i know is no EDID on boot doesnt make the fix work, EDID has to be initialized THEN deleted on my system.

Next i tried deleting that properties folder but regedit wasn't allowing me to even view it. It threw up this error:
212.PNG (24.65 KiB) Viewed 1969 times
I think it has to do with the owner being set to system in permissions, i tried changing it but no luck. IDK if its my rig or not but i couldn't get permissions to work and let me view/edit this. I had to use another program called PSTools to open regedit as the "SYSTEM" owner. This let me finally view/edit the permissions folder.
2122.PNG (74.75 KiB) Viewed 1969 times
I deleted everything inside the monitor name's folder (MSI1462). Now that the folder is empty, I edited the permissions so that it won't allow anything to be written to it basically preventing anything from reappearing after a boot. Basically I just added "everyone" as a principal and set it to deny full control to the empty monitor folder.
213.PNG (22.43 KiB) Viewed 1969 times
Now having that entire folder empty and preventing EDID or properties from ever reappearing, I can restart with the same smoother feeling every time.

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Re: Fix for input lag

Post by Mugabi » 03 Apr 2024, 13:55

I think with this and other tweeks plus breathing technique that i have developed. I have managed to get the smoothest gameplay i have ever gotten past 10 years that is consistent now for over 2-3 weeks. Before all fixes including this give me temporary relief of symptoms then all go to shits. Now its lagless and consistent. Iam hitting stupid randmo shots from end of the map consistently and ppl think im hacking lol. I hope i can get it to be similar to a fresh windows reinstall all the time, with luck faith i think we can ship this. Ill make a video soon showcasing everything.

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Re: Fix for input lag

Post by Hyote » 03 Apr 2024, 14:02

My steps for the best mouse feel:
delete unused devices on startup (I use DeviceCleanup)
delete EDID in registry because I'm using CRU Exact Reduced
restart monitor with CTRL + Shift + Windows key + B
run this script in PowerShell: Get-WmiObject MSPower_DeviceEnable -Namespace root\wmi | ForEach-Object { $_.enable = $false; $_.psbase.put(); }

The script disables power saving on everything and for some reason it's the biggest factor for me that makes the mouse feel normal after startup. You might also want to try setting SmoothMouseXCurve and SmoothMouseYCurve to 0 if you're not playing games with an option to use raw input.

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Re: Fix for input lag

Post by foldthem » 03 Apr 2024, 14:21

After testing this myself in win 11 it seems to be a very round about way of playing games in windowed borderless.

That said please test it yourself :) You might just experience better or smoother gameplay using this display mode compared to exclusive Fullscreen.

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Re: Fix for input lag

Post by andrelip » 03 Apr 2024, 18:33

In my opinion, this one is a placebo, or at least I was not affected by the bug it tries to fix. There was no change in the mouse feeling and no change in the numbers (reflex latency, FPS, 1% low, etc.). I also tried human benchmark and it was on my average.

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Re: Fix for input lag

Post by Vezovi » 04 Apr 2024, 07:02

It all sounds like huge placebo...
Like think for a moment. No even single pro player changes this kind of Windows settings/driver/bios settings, and they dont have this problem.
If its monitor driver related/power saving, everybody should feel input lag.

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Re: Fix for input lag

Post by cursed-gamer » 04 Apr 2024, 11:23


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Re: Fix for input lag

Post by joolae » 05 Apr 2024, 02:15

Definitely not a placebo for me, I've always used this tweak and found it better and more convenient than finding a color profile that will suit your preference for frame timings vs input lag in your monitors.

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