Ryzen vs Intel Input Lag/Latency

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Re: Ryzen vs Intel Input Lag/Latency

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 19 May 2024, 17:32

vh18 wrote:
18 May 2024, 14:11
woodyfly wrote:
08 Jul 2023, 23:12
My question is, are the x3d chips more responsive than regular ryzen cpus? I constantly hear how the x3d are smoother/more fluid even at the same frame rates, etc
no. I went from i5 3330 to a 5700x3d and oddly enough my i5 3330 seemed more responsive than the 5700x3d. I couldn't stand it and had to buy a 12600k to see if it was really a difference in platforms or the old processors were more responsive due to having less RAM latency, less bios settings, etc... and no, the 12600k is much better in terms of latency and mouse sensation. the 5700x3d was less responsive and the mouse seemed a bit floaty to me, now my performance has improved 100% after having an intel ddr5 kit.
Intel is a lot easier to fix lag on...

...But there are some unorthodox $20 solutions for AMD lags:
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