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Youtube on XP = tearing. Fix?

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Youtube on XP = tearing. Fix?

Postby HenrikE1234 » 08 Sep 2017, 14:18

I thought I'd ask here too.

1. XP did videos (and dragging windows on the desktop, first test ;) ) fine (without tearing) when I last used it.
2. Now I got a 2012 graphics card to hot it up a little, and it doesn't.
3. "It's cos you use DVI/HDMI instead of VGA." Too bad the graphics card doesn't have VGA out! So. --> VGA-DVI adapter. --> blurry picture. You could say I want to bust the blur! ;)

Otherwise, I'd have been set I think. :) I.e. have what I had before, but faster.

What I've tried: (I guess this is also Findings to most people...)
1. Settings. None in Catalyst or Nvidia Control Panel (HD 7870, GTX 670) or all the standard Guru3D tools.
2. 3D games and Direct 2D-accelerated games and apps. Works fine. So obviously you can get rid of tearing over DVI on XP.
3. Firefox 52 is the latest web browser for XP that has a Direct2D enable setting. Enabled, still tearing.

Maybe it works on my old X1950Pro, but it's slow & I have Win7 x64 on this PC as well.

I want to switch to XP for great, not-that-old software but still do the google -> Youtube -> happy loop *with* extremely basic graphics settings such as Vsync.

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Re: Youtube on XP = tearing. Fix?

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 08 Sep 2017, 14:52

Which web browser are you using?
Can you try a different web browser? (Chrome vs FireFox)

If using chrome, visit web address "chrome://gpu" in your browser URL
Make sure chrome://gpu is accelerated
Certain settings changes in chrome://flags may fix tearing in YouTube
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Re: Youtube on XP = tearing. Fix?

Postby Sparky » 08 Sep 2017, 14:58

If you MUST run windows XP, I suggest running it in a VM on a more modern operating system, and don't let the VM access the internet.
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Re: Youtube on XP = tearing. Fix?

Postby HenrikE1234 » 08 Sep 2017, 19:09

Thx guys. :) I explained why I want to use XP now; apart from that it's just arbitrary that some "apps-we-got-used-to" stopped getting updates. DirectX staying at 10.x is just evil corporate strategy. Both have nothing to do with usability, functionality, performance, security. I.e. we could all be running XP 4.0 now by another name if they'd kept the functionality and not tried to unify Desktop with For Dummies touch devices. Software and hardware devs would have been happier if they had. That's enough of that, you all know this.

Chrome://gpu says rasterization is software only, so that's the explanation for that I suppose. The Firefox 52 I mention has hope in that it's an Extended Support Release from April 2017 (that will not get updates AFAIU, so a dev target rather than meaning Mozilla is in any involved).

It points me to about:flags (redirected to chrome://flags), which had Accelerated 2D Canvas Enabled, but Override Software Rendering List (Teh Famous Blacklist(tm)) disabled. I enabled it and restarted, checking that the setting held. Also did the same for GPU Rasterizatoin and disabled Software Fallback. No go. This is on Chrome 49, latest version for XP. If I don't know the option that will enable simple Triple-buffering, I'll have a hard time finding it I think.

I think this trouble started around the time when gay bald people moved from File/Edit etc menus to hamburger menus. Dysfunctional touch devices get Vsync by default, while "devices" actually capable of performant CG compositing get something other than a basic function of CG as default.

It's sad. I'm shaking my head. This should be easy, *especially* for desktop (not 3D) graphics. A checkbox in every OS, by default checked, "use Vsync for compositing". The OS knows how to Vsync. The graphics card knows it. Graphics over DVI knows it. We used to know how to do this. It was no trouble for decades. And now?

Anyway, that's enough of that. I'm trying to say I'm sure it's possible! And ideas are appreciated. And thanks again :)
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Re: Youtube on XP = tearing. Fix?

Postby lexlazootin » 08 Sep 2017, 22:55

Did you reinstall windows XP? Does your entire desktop tear when you move windows around? Don't you need SP2 for compositing?
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