Input Lag between Zowie and Alienware?

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Re: Input Lag between Zowie and Alienware?

Post by andrelip » 17 Feb 2019, 16:18

Notty_PT wrote:
andrelip wrote:Just to add some new info:

If you have the overshooting you can in fact get rid of it with g-sync off without CRU. You just have to enable g-sync (windowed and full screen) and then disable it. Very strange. With the RX cards you never have overshooting. I guess this trick should also remove the "input lag" reported by Battle(non)sense in his monitor.
The input lag Battle(non)sense reported was due to Asus Vg25 being a model that has higher input lag when using a Nvidia GPU without VRR. It is not replicable on any other model, is a specific model thing. I wish he never ever uploaded that video because the internet is getting flooded with people assuming nvidia GPUs have higher input lag on freesync monitors, wich isn´t true at all. Most of the times the input lag without VRR is actually lower, as shown by rtings.
If Vg25 monitor behaves different using Nvidia is because it is lacking some protocol if the same timings are being applied in both monitors. AW2518hf also plays diferent using NVIDIA and AMD. If you are portuguese as your nick implies than you should confirm that: ... 66/page-86

There are more than 2100 posts and many people trade their NVIDIA cards to inferior RX cards just to get rid of the overshooting.

Since we are talking about protocols. Remember when you have to use the Lightboost hack to activate the same strobelight? That worked until you turn off your monitor and it's a pretty good example of what is happening here. I guess freesync have some kind of code that changes some feature on the monitor. Here I get rid of the ghosting by enabling and disabling the G-SYNC. If I turn off the monitor then the problem re-appears. In the Vg25 (and possibly other Freesync monitors) this feature that got enabled by this "activator" reduces the input lag.

Prove: ... =youtu.beY

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Re: Input Lag between Zowie and Alienware?

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 18 Feb 2019, 02:06

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