AMD Radeon AntiLag

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Re: AMD Radeon AntiLag

Post by Stitch7 » 11 Jul 2019, 05:38

I suppose it could be that. But I feel like they aren't just adding this because they can.
Maybe the imrpoved RDNA architecture has benefits we don't knownof. Perhaps not now, but with future iterations. Why else would they add this. If they added this on a whim I'll sh*t myself.
I will rely on Battlenonsense or Blurbusters to handle this.
I would be so happy if they made enhancements to adaptive sync input lag and at the same time add integer scaling. However according to some inside sources that isn't going to be in the next set of upcoming features of green or red.
However what I am very much interested in is how the sharening and upscaling works with console titles. I hope it's better than standard scaling techniques.

I've always wondered why if I go from 480 fullscreen to 1080 fullscreen it looks blurry although everything should just be bigger.
Dumb scaling. Really dumb scaling

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Re: AMD Radeon AntiLag

Post by open » 11 Jul 2019, 05:47

it is possible that amds implementation forces the work que to lower values in more situations that nvidias. with potentially positive or negative results. i could see games that que graphics workloads internally increasing input lag this way.

would be nice to test it in a handful of games.

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Re: AMD Radeon AntiLag

Post by jorimt » 11 Jul 2019, 08:09

^ If AntiLag truly is just an equivalent of MPRF, that's my rough guess as well; MPRF doesn't seem to actually override many games when set to sub <2 values. If it did, you would usually see way, way lower average framerates in most cases (try Battlefield's "RenderDevice.RenderAheadLimit" at "1," for instance).
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Re: AMD Radeon AntiLag

Post by 1000WATT » 11 Jul 2019, 17:02

my interest forced me to overcome laziness. I have installed r9 fury.
But did not notice any visual differences. I tried several games.
A beep confirmed the activation of the function.
Need equipment to check it.

However. I turned off the antilag. I got very strange results. When checking the driver delay amd. When playing league of legends.
It makes me think that I'm doing something wrong when using the Nvidia video card.
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