New low latency nvidia drivers

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Re: New low latency nvidia drivers

Post by ad8e » 23 Aug 2019, 15:33

Eh, I wouldn't call it a collaboration on Tearline Jedi. I still haven't helped Mark with Tearline Jedi so I don't deserve any credit for it. But he has been very helpful for my application. Without his crucial suggestion to wake up the GPU prematurely, I would be greatly annoyed by GPU power management issues (which I still am, but much less). And he got GLFW to diagnose some Windows buffer issues, opening the pathway for tearing to work properly in my application. His advice has been critical for me. He's brought further knowledge to the table as well, such as experience with monitor porch sizes, monitor scanline quantums, and Windows APIs. If Tearline Jedi didn't diagnose solutions to all the technical issues, I would be stymied by them, since I'm much less willing to spend time hitting my head against technical walls.

It's good to see that AMD and Nvidia are starting to take the topic away from us, because that's where the frame timing decision really belongs: in the driver. Individual programs can do better with bespoke tuning, by reporting events which they expect to change frame timing. However, no program is inclined to do these tweaks. Instead, the GPU has access to significant data that is common to all programs, such as batch sizes, which it can use to fuel sophisticated algorithms. The driver can do better than any individual developer is willing to spend the effort to.

Seeing various people pop up, it seems quite a few of us independently came up with the same idea long ago, which is natural because it's an obvious idea. The other public implementations I know of, including RTSS and some emulator, have their parentage in Mark's work.

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