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Just discovered overdrive mode

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 16:14
by GFresha
XB271HU IPS user here and just discovered this setting which supposedly lowers response times, instantly thought everyone puts this on "Extreme" but reading online the general consensus is to leave it on normal or off some people say the cons of It is that it adds input delay, others say it actually increases response time? Others say the colors become bad? Others say it makes the game look stuttery/sluggish.

Anyways whats the take on this mode? If I am playing Fortnite,CS,OW don't I want this setting on Extreme and if I'm playing graphics games then normal is probably good but yet I don't see any pros from these games talk about overdrive so I'm not sure whats the consensus here?

I turned mine to extreme and went to the ghosting test and saw ghosting started to happen, but I did not see ghosting in my game, what does ghosting do for gaming? If I know overdrive causes ghosting in the UFO test but I don't notice it in game then isn't it okay to leave it on Extreme?

Re: Just discovered overdrive mode

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 20:53
by Q83Ia7ta
Leave it extreme if it doesn't bother you. Ghosting or inverse ghosting is visible more or less. It fully depends on colors transitions (from which to which color). Overdrive setting doesn't affect to input lag.
Read these: ... artifacts/

Re: Just discovered overdrive mode

Posted: 08 Nov 2019, 06:04
by RealNC
It has no effect on input lag. It affects pixel response time.

I use the middle setting, as that is indeed the most balanced one. It minimizes ghosting while avoiding inverse ghosting.

Turning this setting off does not make sense with this monitor. Use the middle or the high setting.

Re: Just discovered overdrive mode

Posted: 09 Nov 2019, 01:07
by GFresha
Does overdrive actually end up increasing input lag? I only ask cos techpowerup reviewed it and the input lag was below 10 MS on "Normal" but he said it increased when set to "Extreme" so i don't know, are we doing a trade off between response time vs input lag? I take respone time anytime cos I alrdy get 240 fps and the slight input lag increase is prob not noticeable but he didn't state in MS how much input lag "Extreme" mode has, here is what he said:
Input Lag
I tested input lag by connecting the Predator XB271HU and my trusty CRT monitor to the same graphics card, putting them in clone mode, and running a precise timer, with V-Sync turned off. I then took photos of both screens at very high shutter speeds to capture the difference in the times displayed on the timer. While this certainly isn't the ideal method of determining the exact input lag value, it does give us an idea of the category the monitor falls into.

The general consensus is that, in terms of input lag, there are three categories monitors can fall into. If it's lower than 16 ms (that equals a frame of lag at 60 Hz), the monitor can be declared as gaming-grade for even the most demanding gamers. If it falls between 16-32 ms (between 1-2 frames of lag at 60 Hz), the monitor is suitable for almost everyone but the most hardcore gamers, especially if they're playing first-person shooters. Finally, if a monitor's input lag is higher than 32 ms (over 2 frames of lag at 60 Hz), even casual gamers should be able to notice it. Will they be bothered by it? Not necessarily, but I can't recommend a screen like that for serious gaming.

The Acer Predator XB271HU confidently falls into the first category. Its measured input lag was sitting well below 10 ms with Overdrive set to Normal. It did increase a bit when Overdrive was set to Extreme, but that's to be expected since the electronics have a more complex task to complete. That's eSports-grade performance right there and yet another confirmation of the fact that the Predator XB271HU is a great choice for the audience it primarily aims for.

Re: Just discovered overdrive mode

Posted: 09 Nov 2019, 07:05
by hleV
The answer is literally in the post above yours.
RealNC wrote:It has no effect on input lag.

Re: Just discovered overdrive mode

Posted: 09 Nov 2019, 07:21
by RealNC
Well, to be fair, it shouldn't affect input lag. There's no obvious reason for it to do so. Did Techpowerup publish any actual numbers?

Re: Just discovered overdrive mode

Posted: 09 Nov 2019, 12:30
by GFresha
Unfortunately not, only that it increased input lag, how much we don't know...