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AW2518HF tweak/trick for "Superfast"

Posted: 14 Jan 2020, 02:26
by Bobo
You all know by now that when you use the superfast mode, you get alot of coronas.
what you can do to fix that, is you can go into the monitors serice menu and lower the "Overdrive Gain" from 40 to something you`re comfortable with.

to enter the service menu, you turn of the monitor then hold these 2 buttons and turn on the monitor.

after you do that, stop holding the 2 buttons and press this one for the menu window to pop up.

Re: AW2518HF tweak/trick for "Superfast"

Posted: 17 Jan 2020, 14:45
by Bobo
LE: This resets when you turn off your monitor so you have to do it each time you want to game.