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[EXPERIMENT]Keyboard latency at different debounce settings

Posted: 09 Feb 2020, 18:38
by ko4
testing methodology

Game: Fortnite 240fps locked in-game exclusive fullscreen
Keyboard: Ducky One 2 Mini (adjustable debounce) 1000ms polling rate
Camera: Note 9 960fps
Monitor: Dell s2716dg

I am hitting the key by flicking my finger. Easy method to get the point of actuation with id say 4-5ms accuracy
I stop counting frames at first on screen reaction so the 144hz refresh rate should not cause any unwanted variations

sample video:
phpBB [video]

results.PNG (10.33 KiB) Viewed 388 times ... sp=sharing

These values do not represent the actual latency of the keyboard but the whole chain from keypress to display on my particular setup
However, the results still show that the debounce settings does in fact have an effect on keypress to usb latency

Decided to test some of my other boards and got a few surprising results
results2.PNG (7.15 KiB) Viewed 355 times
Surprised to see that the Corsair is faster than all of the ones i've tested so far because you'd think theyd use oem pcb's like any other just like they do with their power supplies

I will test the Logitech G-pro wired keyboard when i get my hands on it
Should get some interesting results because this board was shown to have 9 ms on a Razer keyboard
phpBB [video]

finally got my hands on g pro romer-G

here are the results
results 5.PNG
results 5.PNG (2.19 KiB) Viewed 223 times

Re: [EXPERIMENT]Keyboard latency at different debounce settings

Posted: 09 Feb 2020, 19:35
by Chief Blur Buster
That's pretty neat!

Thank you for sharing your results.

The debounce latency is definitely statistically showing up in your results!

Immediately, right off the bat, I can see that the 240fps + 240Hz (1/240sec granularity) is probably one of the biggest error margin -- possibly bigger margin than finger flick interpretation.

Re: [EXPERIMENT]Keyboard latency at different debounce settings

Posted: 11 Feb 2020, 09:20
by MatrixQW
Isn't it better to just use ps/2 keyboard?

Re: [EXPERIMENT]Keyboard latency at different debounce settings

Posted: 13 Feb 2020, 23:28
by Krizak
Any chance you could try testing a keyboard with the optical switches. Even though your testing is capturing the whole chain and is subject to some error, would still be interested in seeing the results. The following are 2 keyboards I know that use optical switches even though slightly different technologies:

Bloody B930/B970 ... 02&sr=8-11 ... 446&sr=8-3

Wooting One/Two ... 484&sr=8-2