NVIDIA Low Latency Mode - On or Off for less Input lag?

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Re: NVIDIA Low Latency Mode - On or Off for less Input lag?

Post by hyyliiight » 27 Jan 2021, 21:39

Hey guys, i am playing on a i5 9600k 5ghz All Core and a 1080 FE boosted to 1950mhz pubg on very Low Graphic settings. My Monitor is a benq xl2746s and i dont use any Blur reduction like dyac. Pubg is a very cpu bound Game i got very high cpu usage. Even tho i am playing competitive and in some Games the frames drop to 80 fps. Can you guys Tell me if i Should cap the frames + Low latency Mode Off/on/Ultra? Or uncapped and Off on Ultra? I dont Know what the Perfect settings would be for my System and the Game. Ty best regards guys Stay Save!

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Re: NVIDIA Low Latency Mode - On or Off for less Input lag?

Post by Phoenix » 02 Feb 2021, 16:25

I'd like to know too. I'm playing Apex but all I had lately was old CPUs. I5-750, now Xeon 2640. I don't know what devs done but the game consumes sooo much CPU, I started to have stutters with i5. They're gone with Xeon (HT off), but once CPU usage hits 60+ it starts to add input delay, which throws me off really badly. The worst is that if you're on the edge of the map, and look towards the center of it, it's impossible to win 1v1 with someone that looks at the edge and don't have so much things to render.

I tried uncapped + reflex (I think it's default on in Apex), it was more "stable", but overall worse latency with random terrible moments. Capped with LLM ON is ok, but still feel these slowdowns depends where I look.

Anyway, that game is the worst FPS as for mouse feeling I've ever played, and not sure if any hardware upgrade/tweaks would make it to the point I'd say, "oh yea, now I can aim!". I enjoyed CS GO more on TV with fps drops than Apex on better monitor.

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