Valorant, CS:GO on AMD

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Valorant, CS:GO on AMD

Post by Tin1017 » 07 Apr 2021, 11:48

Hello, I will try to make this post short. Please excuse my english.
I am considered good in FPS. I was never a top tier pro, more likely an onliner who was good.
I have 1500 hours in CS:GO but managed to enter FPL- C and several invitation only Faceit pro leagues.I had 25-1 in ESEA and was qualified for Rank- G aswell but then a family member got ill and I had to sell everything and quit gaming for 3 years. That was back in 2018. I had a small local ISP, intel i7 cpu and a gtx 980. Game ran smooth and my mouse always felt the same.

January 2021 I bought a PC (finally :D) and decided that I no longer wanted to play CS. I gave Valorant a try and managed to get up to Immortal and then Radiant. Took me about a month. I consider myself “talented” in FPS but my new PC always had this issue where my mouse will feel different and my pc will randomly just become slower. Then my “good” aim is no longer in use because I can literally feel it in my mouse, it becomes “heavier” and micro adjustments are so hard to make. People start prefiring me. The game becomes 10 times harder to play, bullets no longer register etc.
I have tried everything, tweaked OS, tweaked BIOS but ended up launching optimized bios defaults and reinstalling my OS.
Enabling XMP makes the game become more desynced but my aim feels sharper so I keep it on for now. I don’t bother tweaking my Os anymore. I only did windows update, chipset, sound, lan drivers and DDU+ newest nvidia driver. Ive tried all drivers for my gpu and the best ones are 457.51 or 460.41 however I decided to install the newest one for my GPU (465.89). Background apps disabled, xbox, bloatware removed. Ive tried overclocking my CPU but every single bios tweak I did made everything worse. The only significant change I found was “spread sectrum- enabled”. It made my mouse feel less “sharp” but I no longer get prefired like a bot and I can win 95% of my duels again.
I just need to know what Spread Sectrum does and if my issue was with high EMI noise would there be any other setting I can use to make things better? I live in an old building but I do believe its grounded. I have a fiber 300/200 internet.

My specs are: R5 5600X, RTX 3060 TI, B550M mortar wifi and a 3600 cl20 corsair ram.
I have high hopes in this game and my plan is to rent out an apartment in a newer building and get a smaller local isp again. I am only frustrated because my game doesn’t always run bad but when it does I go 5-20 in Valorant. On good days I can kill everyone in Radiant and go 35-15 each game almost.
Would appreciate some advice I am really desperate

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Re: Valorant, CS:GO on AMD

Post by blackmagic » 07 Apr 2021, 15:08

lucky you.
i am bronze/silver here forever but was for a short time diamond...still dont know how this was possible but i could do way more kills at the start but then i just feel that it only getting worse and i lost very fast my confidence and cant more believe and stand what happened on my screen/display...everything become so absurd and bullshit that it only makes me quit.

to your problem:

i just read a comment from a guy on youtube who describe that he had old pc for 10 year and never know issues but when he buy a new pc then he noticed after some time that it become slower and everything got worse in online...
he then setup again his old pc and noticed that he even got these same problems with that one too now...

here comes the interesting part: he said that where he live there was issues with electrecity because of bad weather and more...
so he now believes too that the issue he faced has more to do with ground/electricity than internet...

but i think and believe that stuff is very easy to test...
just get a gaming notebook and connect to mobile internet through your smartphone..that way u make sure that everything works on battery and if the same symptoms still persist...then you can for sure say that it is internet related issue that you experience.

so you stop catching ghosts and know who to blame.

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Re: Valorant, CS:GO on AMD

Post by n1zoo » 08 Apr 2021, 09:49

Default MBO High Definition Audio Device drivers - Lighter mouse movement but completely messed up hitreg.
Realtek High Definition Audio - Mouse feels like brick, but feels like bullets reg more in CS, Valorant.

Might be placebo, you should try it and test for yourself.

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Re: Valorant, CS:GO on AMD

Post by axaro1 » 08 Apr 2021, 10:22

Have you tried disabling C-States and C&Q?

Have you updated your bios to PatchA?
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Re: Valorant, CS:GO on AMD

Post by Tin1017 » 08 Apr 2021, 15:21

MSI uploaded a new bios today. I just got home from work and will let you know how it went. I usually keep optimized defaults, enable xmp, disable cstates and my wifi controller since I don’t use it. I have tried setting my pcie to gen3 but couldn’t really tell if it made any difference. Im starting to think that my issue is with my internet and the game itself not my hardware. I have two isps at home, one 300/250 fiber optic and the second one is fiber with IPTV . I got the 300 speed one just for Valorant but the weird thing is that my iptv “bad” internet is better for valorant and I can even feel it in my mouse. Switching between isps shouldn’t have an impact on how ur mouse feels but its 2021 and everything is weird.
I just reinstalled windows before I went to work and will do chipset, gpu drivers this time and test the windows and realteks driver. I tried Playing Valorant on a fresh install with default drivers, there were less prefires ingame but the game was too choppy. I will just do chipset+ gpu and keep my os default lan/ sound drivers and test. Another thing to mention is that I have removed my front panel fans but My cpus cooling is good enough and temps were never an issue. No overheating, no fps drops but I get weird frametime spikes- ms goes from 2-3 up to 18273728.72 ms which is annoying but it happens 3 or 4 times each round and im quite used to it. If i showed you my history it consists of 40-15 games and games where I go 5-15. I always choose Frankfurt2, everything else is unplayable. Warsaw is where I can hit most of my shots but queue wait time is sometimes 20 minutes and I get matched with diamond, plat and even gold players when I am radiant myself. My issue is probably with my internet but but my mouse definitely changes overtime and if i play for longer my mouse becomes “heavier”

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Re: Valorant, CS:GO on AMD

Post by deama » 09 Apr 2021, 15:40

There was a guy here that recently updated his mobo bios to a beta version because apparently some or most people have had issues with their USB ports with the new ryzen 5000s CPUs and AMD recently fixed it in the beta drivers, might be worth it to update to that and try it out; cause he said he had mouse/keyboard issues as well but doesn't anymore after the update.

If the update doesn't work then might just be an electricity issue, that Spread Sectrum thing you mentioned could simply handle error correction better because when you have electrical fluctuations, it generally creates more "instruction errors" that have to be corrected (or they can pass by) and that can cause various computer consistency issues, especially these days with 3+Ghz (higher ghz makes it more sensitive to electrical problems).
Not sure if you've tried this, but you could try and disable hyperthreading, and downclock your CPU a lot, say down to just 2ghz and see if that makes a difference. Do the same for you GPU as well, maybe down to just 1ghz.

You could also try and take your computer to various different areas, like a different house, or even a different building in a different city to triple check it isn't an electricity/EMI issue, if that isn't really and option, you could as a last resort, try to disable all electricity on everything (boiler, heater, lights, etc...) and only allow electricity to go to your computer, see if that makes a difference; though make sure to test these things out for at least a day, not just for 5 mins or 1 hour.

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Re: Valorant, CS:GO on AMD

Post by Tin1017 » 09 Apr 2021, 18:14

Okay, in 2017 i was playing Faceit solo queue because i was the most inconsistant player ever. I was stuck at 2800-3000 elo which was considered high elo at that time and played with many tier1 pros but i was the most inconsistant player ever. One game id go 30 kills, the next 10. I then met a girl and we rented a small apartment. I brought my pc there and i literally had to re learn playing cs:go. People had so weird movement but everything was so much easier to hit. I became so good at pistols and awping, i miss those times. In a couple of months i started playing with Windigo (u can google them) and was invited by faceit_mikey to a private “pro” league, was also invited to my countries faceit pro league and was doing really good. I then broke up with the girl and moved back to my parents house. While staying at my girlfriends house everyone was accusing me of cheating and even got myself banned for cheating but 3 admins were reviewing my demos and i got unbanned 2 days later. People were saying that i would be playing for fnatic if i was rly that good and not a cheater. Unfortunately after i moved back to my parents house all my issues with the game came back And even had people telling me that they think I was just cheating for a while.. my dad then had a stroke and i quit gaming, my last faceit game was in august 2018. Sorry for writing all of this but y, changing locations was what fixed my game many yrs ago. Same pc, different location with a different isp. I remember how off my aim was the first couple of days, i felt like my mouse just became faster or i lost my aiming capabilities but everything was so much smoother and people were no longer prefiring me. I could go 30+ kills in each game and was rly consistent

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Re: Valorant, CS:GO on AMD

Post by delve » 10 Apr 2021, 02:06

may i ask some questions:

how far away was your gf living at that time?

Do you know how old the house of your parents is, like when was it built?

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Re: Valorant, CS:GO on AMD

Post by Tin1017 » 11 Apr 2021, 19:10

I moved about 5 minutes drive from my parents house (old building, I believe it was built in the 90s, maybe 80s and i believe that we had buy like 5 lightbults in a week because they kept burning out. My gfs building was fairly new, built around 2007-8. My parents house had "better" internet plan- 200 upload/download and my gf's place had a small local internet with only 25/25 speeds or smth but the game felt much, much better and I was able to frag alot more.

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