LG 27GL850-B - best setting on Xbox Series?

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LG 27GL850-B - best setting on Xbox Series?

Post by rayden » 18 Apr 2021, 18:53


unfortunately as some of you may know the LG GL850-B has suboptimal HDMI bandwith. Its not possible to input a signal of [email protected] with VRR enabled over the HDMI port (which would be the most optimal setting).

So I have a question what setting I should use on Xbox Series. Would you rather play with...

1. [email protected] with VRR enabled. Lowest Input Lag BUT horrible upscaled picture (in my opinion)

2. [email protected] without VRR enabled. its more responsive than at 60hz (atleast without VRR enabled)

3. [email protected] with VRR enabled.

I wish there would be a fourth option, but unfortunately the 120hz seems not to stick with 720p (better upscaling to 1440p than from 1080p). Oh well.

So which is the best? Is the 3rd option atleast as responsive as the 2nd or better overall? Or would you rather take worse picturequality?

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