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Post by slaver01 » 19 Apr 2021, 03:31

Yesterday I tested the various solutions of this mouse response guide's.
Open regedit and go to:
Add together the decimal values you want and enter that as a decimal to the Win32PrioritySeparation key. Example: 32+4+2. (You cannot use the third column unless you use variable quantum. If you are using fixed quantum, ignore the third column.)
Decimal 40 theoretically would provide the most responsive input at the expense of smoothness and FPS (short, fixed, no boost). Decimal 22 should provide the smoothest gameplay. Dec 37 is a mix between 40 and 38. There is no set answer here, so feel free to try out lots of options. There is no restart required so you can leave regedit open and keep trying different values while having your game open.
Possible options: decimal 21, 22, 24, 37, 38, 40

calypto guide's
For instance – what if you don’t care to increase the quantum on the foreground window but, instead, just want short, fixed quanta (effectively around 60ms) for all processes to improve response time on a system with a lot of processes? Setting Win32PrioritySeparation to 0x28 will take care of that.

2A Hex = Short, Fixed , High foreground boost.
29 Hex = Short, Fixed , Medium foreground boost.
28 Hex = Short, Fixed , No foreground boost.

26 Hex = Short, Variable , High foreground boost.
25 Hex = Short, Variable , Medium foreground boost.
24 Hex = Short, Variable , No foreground boost.

1A Hex = Long, Fixed, High foreground boost.
19 Hex = Long, Fixed, Medium foreground boost.
18 Hex = Long, Fixed, No foreground boost.

16 Hex = Long, Variable, High foreground boost.
15 Hex = Long, Variable, Medium foreground boost.
14 Hex = Long, Variable, No foreground boost.

Guru 3D

For FORTNITE: I've always used "16" Hexadecimal. but by entering Hexadecimal value "26" or even "2A", the game immediately became more smoother!!!

Can any of you more experienced confirm please?

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