Could bad upload speeds lead to lag?

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Could bad upload speeds lead to lag?

Post by Mugabi » 08 May 2021, 21:09

I noticed in my task manager Ethernet tab that the upload speed peaks at 250kbps when I'm playing or doing anything in the internet, i see download speed going up to 30mbps or something, but upload speed never saw it going beyond 250-300kbps, are those speed reads of Ethernet in task manager legit? My csgo offline is smooth as fuck, no delay slowness no bad hitreg, where as online, enemies appear to stutter, spray dont hit, and these wrapping feeling every where. Is this due to upload speed? How can i know exactly

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Re: Could bad upload speeds lead to lag?

Post by ELK » 12 May 2021, 05:51

I play with 600kbit shared up/down connection. The stuttering is game related. I just so happen to know a lot about source networking. Join a server and upload a photo of your net_graph 4.

You probably have data loss from stuff downloading in the background (30mbps you see)

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