Did I use VT Tweak correctly? [Benq xl2430t]

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Did I use VT Tweak correctly? [Benq xl2430t]

Post by DrakeAndJosh5 » 28 May 2024, 11:02

I use Blur Reduction + VT 1500 at 120hz [DisplayPort] (img below)

How do I verify if the VT tweak is working? I read that the monitor OSD would report the current resolution @60hz, but mine shows 120hz (indicating that it's not working properly?)

Is there a step that I'm missing? Settings are:
Blur Reduction: On
Intensity: 22
Area: 46
BenQ XL2430T
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Re: Did I use VT Tweak correctly? [Benq xl2430t]

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 28 May 2024, 14:53

1. Viewing the same mode in both ToastyX CRU and NVIDIA CRU is a good way to confirm. Sometimes one utility adds a mode that doesn't properly save (and not visible in both utilities). So view via at least two Custom Resolution Utilities.

2. Your crosstalk at www.testufo.com/crosstalk should go down dramatically, with much less top/bottom crosstalk, once you've used Blur Busters Strobe Utility to center the clearest crosstalk-free zone. You can try faster motion speeds (e.g. 1440 or 1920 pixels/sec) to amplify the visibility of strobe crosstalk.

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