xl2566k Weird CRU problems

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xl2566k Weird CRU problems

Post by g0rge » 19 Feb 2023, 01:28

Hey guys got my xl2566k recently and was trying to set a QFT lower refresh rate than the native which is 360.

However when I try to add a detailed resolution in CRU, the native resolution shows up as RED. Ultimately it makes me set it to 264 as the max, which shows me that the pixel clock is at 653mhz. But when I look at the pixel clock in edit it clearly runs at 900mhz pixel clock speed at 360 hz. My question is why is it forcing me to lower it way below what it is capable of. How do i get the monitor to QFT at 250 hz and 900mhz pixel clock? I am trying to start with my refresh at max and use the vt calculator but am unable.
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Re: xl2566k Weird CRU problems

Post by rdh » 14 Feb 2024, 13:12

I'm having similar issues trying to add 1440x1080 / 360Hz resolution also (7900XT).

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Re: xl2566k Weird CRU problems

Post by Djbluebricks » 03 Jun 2024, 15:48

Dosnt cru only support only to a certain monitor hz? I dont think cru supports 360 sadly yet

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