Zowie Benq xl2430 "Out of Range"

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Zowie Benq xl2430 "Out of Range"

Post by ixa » 19 Nov 2020, 13:29

Hi there!

First of all. Hello! I am new to this forum. I mean, I just created an user because I've been visiting this forum since years ago.
I create this post to get more info about this problem since there isn't much on the internet.
I currently own a zowie xl2430 that I bought used. But it has this problem where every time that I launch csgo for example at the resolution of 1024x768 it says the "out of range" error. I solve it by powering off and on the monitor.

I read on the internet that it could be a firmware issue, and the best thing to do is to RMA it. But monitor is old and I don't think RMA is an option.

Sorry If I didn't follow any rules when creating this topic. I didn't find any rules to follow before posting. Also I'm not a native speaker, sorry for my English.

Have a great day

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Re: Zowie Benq xl2430 "Out of Range"

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 20 Nov 2020, 14:28

You can also install a firmware upgrade on the XL2430.

These monitors are among the few that end-users can firmware upgrade. It is also possible to clone firmware from a newer XL2430 and flash to an older XL2430 (with caveats, don't mix versions, never mix XL2411Z vs XL2411P vs XL2411K)

Firmware Upgrade using Linux Tool
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Re: Zowie Benq xl2430 "Out of Range"

Post by ixa » 21 Nov 2020, 03:46


Sorry I didn't reply you back. I didn't see any notifications.
That's great news, I also contacted BenQ support to see if they could help me. Do you think they can help me ?
If I can't get any help from them. I will try to do what the link you sent me says. It's kind of advanced for me to do stuff like that to be honest...

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