Xl2411k gain tweaking for consoles

Adjusting BENQ Blur Reduction and DyAc (Dynamic Acceleration) including Blur Busters Strobe Utility. Supports most BenQ/Zowie Z-Series monitors (XL2411, XL2420, XL2720, XL2735, XL2540, XL2546)
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Xl2411k gain tweaking for consoles

Post by xaviermuse31 » 19 Jan 2023, 01:21

Hello I play on ps5 and Xbox I have the xl2411k I need help finding the right gain level for overdrive hidden menu the default settings has to much overshoot please help

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Re: Xl2411k gain tweaking for consoles

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 26 Jan 2023, 03:43

1. Run www.testufo.com/ghosting on the console's browser. Both consoles have built-in web browsers
2. Adjust OD gain to preference.

Remember that lower refresh rates (e.g. 60Hz) will need lower OD Gain than 120Hz or 240Hz. Ideal OD Gain tends to be geometric on the Gain-vs-Hz graph, so one model might prefer OD 10 for 60Hz, OD 20 for 120Hz, and OD 80 for 240Hz. Be noted, these are just random numbers that don't look good on XL2411K, but this should give you a hint of which numbers to target.
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