help with xl2411z

Adjusting BENQ Blur Reduction and DyAc (Dynamic Acceleration) including Blur Busters Strobe Utility. Supports most BenQ/Zowie Z-Series monitors (XL2411, XL2420, XL2720, XL2735, XL2540, XL2546)
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help with xl2411z

Post by p1um4 » 17 Apr 2016, 11:35

a couple of days ago i purchased xl2411z
fw 004

with vt 1350 and strobeutility i'm unhappy and return to:

brightness 40
contrast 43
ama premium
bbr off
1920x1080 144hz
full rgb (nvidia)

from service menu:
strobe duty 011
strobe phase 003
THIS IS DEFAULT STROBE SETTINGS? they are normal values?
BenQ XL2411Z v4 / 180Hz OC / BR off

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Re: help with xl2411z

Post by IceCube » 17 Apr 2016, 12:38

strobe settings only matters when u use Blur Reduction i believe... so u dont need to care about it when u run br off now... watch the thread under u... falkentyne explained the best settings for FW 4 without BR there! :) if u like to use 144hz ... if not: 120Hz+VT1500+BR on would be best i believe


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