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Brightness Flicker - XL2411 any hz higer than 60hz

PostPosted: 26 Jul 2017, 21:37
by halkbob
Hello guys,

It's my first time here, and this site has helped me a lot already but I still can't solve one annoying issue wiht mu Benq XL2411.

Whenever i try to run it at 144hz there's a flicker or a dim (sorry not sure how to call it) on dark backgrounds. It's really weird, looks like it alternates between the brightnessof "BLUR REDUCTION" all the way to my native brightness.

I use a DVI-D cable to connect to my GPU. I'm running a GTX 970 + i5 7500.

A time ago I had a cheap GPU from AMD and still had the same issue. I really wanted to play without Blur Reduction, so that's why I'm aksing for help.

Nowadays I use 120hz with custom res in NVidia and Blur Buster Strobe Utility and a custom ICC profile which I got in one of your guides.

Thanks a lot already

Re: Brightness Flicker - XL2411 any hz higer than 60hz

PostPosted: 26 Jul 2017, 22:35
by Falkentyne
This should not be happening.
can you please go to this site and run the tests here and look at the dark squares?

This is not the first post I've seen of someone talking about excessive "Dithering" (?)at 144hz.
Do you have blur reduction DISABLED? or Enabled?

Does this happen at 144hz with blur reduction DISABLED?

I have never seen anything like this on my XL2720Z (with or without Zowie firmware flashed on it), but I have seen at least three posts now about people talking about strange issues at 144hz.

Also your subject line is misleading.
You say that this happens at anything higher than 60hz (this is implied in the subject line), but in your message, you say this happens only at 144hz...

You need to be clear here...