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Re: TIP: Good Overdrive Settings for BenQ/Zowie XL2546

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2017, 00:10
by SilentMarket
eZen wrote:
How do you get a factory reset anyway? I just want to go back to default settings.

Menu > System > Reset All.

So is that actually a factory reset? I think it is just a user reset. Some monitor has a factory reset in the service menu or factory menu.
It reset default refresh rate to 60Hz and all other things. But in the normal menu "reset all" doesn't roll back to 60Hz refresh rate like the first time I plug the monitor into the computer. And the strobe light settings doesn't seem to reset.

And after I used strobe unity, the strobe crosstalk got worse and I still don't know to get back to original strobe settings of this monitor. At first, I didn't install the strobe unity, the monitor itself has a very good strobe light that just has slightly even doubled images on all screen. Now I have triple images on the top and the end of the monitor and double image in the middle.

I read in the forum some XL2546 has triple images on the top and the end, but I didn't experience it until I installed strobe unity. Is it possible that strobe unity will quietly change monitor strobe settings if it is previously installed on the computers?