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RTX 2080 TI + Benq XL2730z DisplayPort Not Working

Posted: 06 Jan 2019, 23:07
by rtarrazo
Hey guys, sorry if it's not ok to ask for help here, I'm just so lost right now. I can't get any displayport signal to my XL2730z at all, and I don't know how to fix it.

  • I've owned a 1080 and an XL2730z for ~3 years now, using a displayport (1.1?) cable.
  • I buy a 2080 ti and replace my 1080 with it, use the same displayport cable and it doesnt work.
  • I try replacing the old cable with a brand new, high quality displayport 1.4 cable and it still doesnt work.
Here's what exactly happens:
  • If I boot in displayport mode, it posts and works normally, then right after the mobo screen it turns black and says "No Signal".
  • If I boot with only an HDMI 2.0 cable, it works perfectly, but the second i plug the display port cable in as well, my HDMI signal is lost.
  • If I boot with both cables, neither video works. Once I unplug the Displayport cable, the HDMI works perfectly again.
  • No monitor buttons work while the DisplayPort is connected, its laggy and I can't even open the menu.
Is my 2080 ti bugged? Is it my benq monitor? What do I do? Otherwise my 2080 ti works flawlessly, my temps are amazing and my fps is fantastic. I've tried ClearUser and Reset All from monitor settings.

Thanks for any help guys.

Update: Fixed by downloading hotfix from Nvidia: ... /a_id/4758

Re: RTX 2080 TI + Benq XL2730z DisplayPort Not Working

Posted: 07 Jan 2019, 03:01
by Chief Blur Buster
Did you try all different DisplayPort ports on the RTX 2080 Ti? (to try to avoid a bad port)
Possible defective DisplayPort on one end or other, since you tried a brand new cable.
Have you ever connected DisplayPort to the XL2730Z before? Is it your first time?
If the DisplayPort has worked on XL2730Z via other cards, then it's prolly the RTX 2080Ti.

If it is affecting multiple DisplayPort ports, there might be an incompatibility bug. Try upgrade the GPU drivers.
If it is affecting only one port, there could also be a ground fault problem or a short circuit somewhere.

You may want to temporarily remove your RTX 2080 and reinstall your 1080 Ti test and test your XL2730Z with both cables. If all is working stable again, I would now suspect your RTX 2080 Ti has a defective DisplayPort. You might want to shine a very bright light / flashlight into the port and see if if a piece of metal dust is shorting two pins, and try a can of canned air to try to blow it out. This might not be the problem but to avoid leaving a stone unturned that might save you an RMA.

Hate to spoil perfectly good RTX 2080 Ti fun, amazing graphics, but I've seen bad ports happen -- and it's pesky when all video ports except one is working. And we still have to figure out if it's a bad port...

Re: RTX 2080 TI + Benq XL2730z DisplayPort Not Working

Posted: 07 Jan 2019, 12:07
by rtarrazo
I appreciate the detailed reply.

I tried both DisplayPorts on my 2080 Ti and both had the same issue. I was previously using a 1080 with the same DisplayPort on my xl2730z with no error. I have the latest GPU drivers, but because I replaced an existing GPU, I may have not fully removed the previous drivers and something might have gotten messed up that way.

I assumed it was incompatibility because of the fact that its happening to both DisplayPorts, but not the HDMI or USB-C on my 2080.

I'll try your suggestions of light + air on the ports, and ill also put my 1080 back in to test if it still works. I'll have to wait for when I get home from work, ~12 hrs.

Thanks for all your help! Yeah, would be a shame to RMA, I love my temps and performance. So far no crashes really or anything either.

Re: RTX 2080 TI + Benq XL2730z DisplayPort Not Working

Posted: 07 Jan 2019, 13:35
by rtarrazo
After doing a significant amount of research, I've found that this is a common problem with Turing Cards and this BenQ monitor.

Nvidia released a hotfix a week ago, found here: ... /a_id/4758

"Fixes black screen on BenQ XL2730 monitor using 144Hz refresh rate".

Hopefully this fixes my problem, but can't verify until I get home. I'm on 417.35, and this hotfix is 417.58.

I'm perhaps biased because I really really don't want to RMA, but I feel like its unlikely that its a defective DisplayPort port because:
1) it errors with both DisplayPorts on the card, but none of the rest (I have 2x DisplayPort, 2x HDMI 2.0, 1x USB-C).
2) it correctly gets to the bios / post / everything with DisplayPort, and only loses signal right before it hits the windows login (when it switches to native res / 144hz I assume).

Thanks again for the help! Will update soon.

Re: RTX 2080 TI + Benq XL2730z DisplayPort Not Working

Posted: 07 Jan 2019, 21:09
by rtarrazo
Update: Fixed by downloading hotfix from Nvidia: ... /a_id/4758

Thanks for your help, feel free to remove the post if you'd like. Or leave up for others, I can edit the original text.

Back to the fun :D