Strobe Utility syncing with wrong monitor's refresh rate?

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Strobe Utility syncing with wrong monitor's refresh rate?

Post by GreenAlien » 11 Apr 2019, 06:30

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I have two monitors. My Primary is a Zowie XL2730Z @ 144hz, and the secondary is a Samsung CF791 @ 100hz. When I run the Strobe Utility on the Zowie, it displays the correct refresh rate however it runs at 100fps rather than 144fps. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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Re: Strobe Utility syncing with wrong monitor's refresh rate

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 15 Apr 2019, 10:50

Strobe Utility sometimes has problems when your BenQ/Zowie monitor is not the primary.

This is the same problem as trying to run simultaneously on two different-Hz multimonitor: It just doesn't work properly.

The frame rate usually synchronizes to the primary monitor, but sometimes it synchronizes to the wrong monitor.

Try minimizing all windows except Strobe Utility, then try again. (Make sure the Strobe Utility adjuster is on the same monitor being adjusted too -- e.g. no window on the 100Hz)
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