Horizontal total effects on Strobe Crosstalk

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Horizontal total effects on Strobe Crosstalk

Post by admixues » 01 Apr 2020, 20:04

just got my XL2546 Today and started missing with CRU.

i've tried to look up if the horizontal totals effect crosstalk but i could't find anything.

the best settings that i found for my sample were 2080HT/1593VT at 181Hz or 2125HT/1567VT at 180hz, made sure to check the frame skipping test as i was skipping frames at 2126HT/1566VT.

180hz with modified HT is significantly better with only 1 line of noticeable crosstalk at the bottom.

here are some seriously scuffed tracking of both, i'll see if i can find a camera with 1/180 shutter speed, my phone will do either 1/160 or 1/200 so i couldn't take a picture that would properly show the crosstalk.



i used AMA premium for both, Strobe Area 4 for 181hz and 100 for 180hz, if set the area to 0 the crosstalk goes to the top edge.

i've also tried missing with the contrast and RGB values but there are diminishing returns if i go under 75RGB and 47 contrast.

my panel was assembled in dec and came with FW V04 and it seems like the XL2546 has some form of per HZ variable OD, the values in the factory menu are different for both my 120hz and 180hz profiles and AMA premium is only a few decimals higher, AMA high is still the best for 240hz.

a few questions that i also have are which gamma setting should i use for 2.2?, also which has lower input lag strobe area 100 or 0?.

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Re: Horizontal total effects on Strobe Crosstalk

Post by alexander1986 » 06 Apr 2020, 18:42

hi, looks pretty good in the video to me!

btw did you test the blur busters 182 hz settings for benq high quality strobe ?

found here: https://blurbusters.com/faq/advanced-st ... stalk-faq/


it would be interesting to see static photos + video on this, and also with AMA at high and not premium, as from all the guides/reviews/user opinions I have seen so far all seem to agree that AMA high has better overdrive than premium, (everyone seem to say that premium is a bit too aggressive overdrive with artifacts compared to high)

it would be nice to see AMA high + DyAc high vs AMA premium + DyAc premium test if possible, and maybe even high/premium vs premium/high and so on, if you have the time and energy, this would be very very interesting and very much appreciated : )

how do you like the monitor otherwise in general, in gaming and so on would be also nice to have a little mini-review if and when you have the time for that, thanks anyway and enjoy the monitor mate !

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