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Overwatch League Using PG258Q

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Re: Overwatch League Using PG258Q

Postby VS_PM » 01 Mar 2018, 03:06

Confirmed- they had to pay a pretty price to get their monitors in the league (at least 100K+)
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Re: Overwatch League Using PG258Q

Postby k2viper » 02 Mar 2018, 01:56

Btw it can bee seen that labels on the scene's monitors are covered by stickies (hidden to cameras). Probably you wouldnt do that if Asus is your sponsor. But yes, its clearly the PG258Q model.
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Re: Overwatch League Using PG258Q

Postby open » 08 Mar 2018, 10:24

One of their early sponsors was displays by hp omen. I think they wisely want a full sponsor willing to pay for the logos on the monitors themselves and untill then they are keeping them logo free. The logo space on those monitors is arguably the best advertising spot they have without going full nascar and billboarding the whole arena. The fact that overwatch is one of the main games people get monitors like this for makes it a huge deal to see a company logo every time they show the monitors. Also its just personal opinion and I don't have experience with other 240hz monitors but I think that the pg258q may be the best monitor for them considering max brightness and only semi gloss will hold up alot better with all the lights around that room. I cannot comment on how it holds up to response times and input lag of other 240hz monitors but I assume it is very close to the other top 240hz in those catagories.
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