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Need an advice for buying a new UPS unit.

Posted: 05 Aug 2019, 11:02
by agstrato
Hello guys! Last night i had a small power outage and my computer suddenly restarted and GPU fans started to go 100% speed. I do have a UPS but it seems it`s old and probably it was dead. I am currently looking to buy a new UPS because i can`t have this happen again, the GPU is the most expensive part in almost every computer and it really sucks right now, specially because now i know my riello ups died like a ..... I currently live in spain and one website that has UPS`s is . I just want to know which one will support 750W + 30W from my xb272 monitor. I don`t want the monitor to die either because it`s another 700 euros which i really don`t have. My budget for the UPS is 200 230 euros. Can someone please help with this? I don`t know how much V means on these things.