A list of untrusted monitor tech sites

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A list of untrusted monitor tech sites

Post by Q83Ia7ta » 30 Sep 2019, 16:00

The trending esports market spawns a lot of sites and some of them spread wrong information.

For example inputlag .com that mentions only some pixel response time instead of input lag:
https:// inputlag . com/lg-27gk750f/
inputlagcom.png (11.03 KiB) Viewed 4109 times
Another example is displayspecifications.com. Input lag for BenQ XL2540 is just wrong. The guys I trust measured 3.7 ms: https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/ ... rison_1435

Sorry if this topic has been discussed but will be nice to have some list of that useless and harmful sites.

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Re: A list of untrusted monitor tech sites

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 30 Sep 2019, 18:44

Yes, boo.

This kind of site-farming hurts everyone -- Blur Busters / RTINGS / TFT / PCMonitors / TomsHardware/ SWeclockers / etc / etc

These kinds of robot-generated or low-skill-generated sites siphon off affiliate revenue from more legitimate sites.

Or site that copy-paste plagarizes Blur Busters. Quite a few do.

I've been battling these garbage sites 2014. Though, some sites are borderline -- some sites really have good data now, but are deficient in a way such as having several FAQ pages that are direct plagarizations.

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