ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz Announced!

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Re: ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz Announced!

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 05 Jul 2024, 19:44

phzera wrote:
04 Jul 2024, 12:38
Hello friend, firstly sorry for my English, it's not my native language.

Is this also related to a bug that happened to me and a few other people on the forums?

When I received my monitor, when activating ULMB2 my screen was white, and only returned to normal, after restarting the monitor and turning off ULMB2 quickly, if I activated it, in a few seconds my screen would be white again, I have a video recorded about this in attachment.

After a few days of use, without using the ULMB2, I decided to activate the ULBM2 again, and to my surprise the problem never happened again since then.

I just didn't return the monitor, because I imported it from the United States to my country, and it would be very bureaucratic to make a return,
It's possible that your monitor is now firmware upgraded. Sometimes installing the latest NVIDIA software for your GPU/monitor gives you firmware upgrades for the GSYNC chip that (which is also responsible for ULMB2 behaviors). That's how ULMB2 was able to be deployed to 1440p 360Hz GSYNC native monitors, and the firmware upgrades are also deployed through the same mechanism.
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Re: ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz Announced!

Post by MSIfanboy » 15 Jul 2024, 12:02

huge cons
- matte coating is horrific, looks grainy and weird at times
- gsync module is annoying (never buying a gsync module monitor ever again) you have to go through so many steps just to get custom resolutions working, it auto turns off vsync and stuff when changing from gsync to ulmb and so forth
- this monitor can obviously run ulmb2 at lower than 360hz (using ulmb trick/hack to match pixel clock), so why nvidia cap it to 360hz minimum, when its more advantageous to have backlight strobing at lower refresh rates when you dont have enough fps or a game like apex has 300fps cap, and even with the trick/hack, the brightness is considerably less than the normal ulmb2 refresh rates
- OSD is awful, you cant even safe any settings
- no sharpness slider at all
- no color saturation slider (obviously can use nvidia, but still annoying, considering you can tweak it using software tools like softmccs)

people claiming 540hz is mind blowing are just capping, maybe if you dont use backlight strobing and can hit 540fps in say valorant, when in reality, a 240hz backlight strobing blows away 540hz non strobed, so unless you get eyestrain from backlight strobing, why wouldnt you use backlight strobing

good things
- brightness without ulmb2 is pretty good
- input lag at max hz is pretty good
- response times, no ghosting

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Re: ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz Announced!

Post by thizito » 18 Jul 2024, 04:03

this monitor is amazin, but u gotta know what u buying.

i bought it to use it as stock 500.000hz and no regrets.

no vsync meme
no ulmb meme

just raw speed of high hz in games that i can run 500.. and it IN MY OPINION beat the current oleds.

oleds have pros and cons aswell..
oleds is AMAZING. INCREDIBLE. but for:
movies and singleplayer.

fast tn is still my king to quake/overwatch

psa. this is the second time i bought this monitor. i bought early jan this year from amazon and i think it had an older firmware that allowed me to do more crazy things with it. now with this that i got this month its very limited in CRU/custom res.. but.

a good old friend told me is just gsync module limitations + dont even try much customization cause u will be fooled as timings will proly revert back after some time.

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Re: ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz Announced!

Post by Lucasre5 » 19 Jul 2024, 10:33

I'm using the monitor now and I came here to share my impressions for anyone looking to buy or upgrade.
I currently have a Zowie 2566k, and I was using the 540hz Acer for a few weeks, which uses the same panel as this Asus model. I will compare with the Acer XV242 Fb 540hz and Zowie XL2566K 360hz:
- The build quality of the PG248QP is far superior, without any doubt. Everything is more beautiful and well made, including the box and accessories. In second place I leave the Zowie, and the simplest is the Acer.
- The Acer has a good osd, has the option to save presets and has the acer display widget, which allows you to save automatic presets according to the program, the only problem is that when changing profiles the vrb deactivates. The Asus has no presets or software, which is simply ridiculous for a monitor of this price. The playing profile is simply unusable when browsing, and having to change it every time by hand is ridiculous. Zowie wins in this regard, because despite not having software, the OSD is very good, allows you to save profiles and has the S Swtch that changes the profile with just one press. Asus is by far the worst in this regard.
- The Acer has sharpness in the OSD, but I personally find it strange, and with it turned off the Asus's sharpness is superior, despite the Acer having the option, the Asus has a lesser balance, but the Zowie wins in this aspect without a doubt, with the sharpness The 10 is better than the Asus, but it's not a big difference.
- The ULMB 2 is sharper than the VRB at the extreme, especially at the top of the screen, but I think the VRB is a little brighter than the ULMB. - I particularly found the brightness in ULMB even at 100 to be very low, it is much lower than dyac+ at 2566k
- The Acer at 360hz has better movement clarity than the Asus, the Asus with ULMB deactivated at 360hz is very blurry, which is superior to the Acer.
- Brightness with ULMB disabled is lower than brightness with VRB disabled
- Asus colors are superior to Acer and Zowie
- I particularly found the Acer monitor to be more responsive than the Asus and Zowie, I don't know if it's a placebo, but I really noticed it.
- The Asus really only looks good at 500 or 540hz with ULMB disabled, if you want to go down to 360hz the Zowie and Acer are superior
- Zowie's black eq is far superior to acer's or asus' dark boost, both are very bad, I prefer to disable them
- These new 540hz panels have a very strange gamma, a grainy coating and it seems that the pixels are more visible.

-Conclusion: In my opinion, it is unacceptable that this Asus monitor with this price does not have the option to save a profile, or have software to change automatic profiles, they put rbg on the monitor but fail to do essential things. I think the 2566k is superior to the 540hz Acer and Asus. the difference from 360 to 540 is really small, in my opinion. The BQ, sharpness, brightness with dyac and color vibrance make the Zowie better for me, even though it's 360hz. I liked the Acer, mainly due to the responsiveness of the monitor, I found it very responsive, but the sharpness and color are very strange, I prefer the Asus for that reason alone.

In my country the xl 2586x costs DOUBLE the PG248QP, certainly the 540hz from Zowie is the best monitor to buy for competitive games today, but what Zowie does in terms of prices is unacceptable, the 2566k is the monitor I recommend for everyone, it has the best balance.

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