Samsung QLED TVs will soon rival LG’s OLEDs in a major way

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Samsung QLED TVs will soon rival LG’s OLEDs in a major way

Post by mello » 29 Nov 2019, 05:23

Samsung is claiming a new development to the QLED quantum dot technology, which could see it rival the colour precision of rival OLED sets from the likes of LG. The company’s researchers have found a new way to commercialise true quantum dot LED panels that promise self-emissive diodes. That’s compared with the Samsung’s currently available QLED branded LCD sets that rely on filtered backlights. The new development, which comes courtesy of using indium phosphide rather than toxic cadmium, now offers lifetime of up to a million hours, while boosting efficiency by more than 20% by cutting back on oxidation and energy leaks. Overall, the big takeaway might be Samsung QLED screens being able to rival the ability LG OLED TVs to showcase those deep blacks and rich colours possible because each pixel is lighting itself.

The breakthrough from Samsung researchers, Dr. Eunjoo Jang and Dr. Yu-Ho Won has been published in the science journal Nature. In a press release, Samsung says: “By improving the structure of Quantum Dots, the team managed to hugely improve quantum efficiency, as well as extend the lifetime of the QLED element. The team found, at the conclusion of their study, that their method had improved quantum efficiency by 21.4% and increased the QLED lifetime to a million hours.” Samsung plans to invest $11 billion by 2025 in order to build commercially-available true QLED screens and it appears this breakthrough will be instrumental in making that happen. Samsung says it already has 170 patents pertaining to the new quantum dot tech.

nature journal
... and we are still waiting for quality and affordable OLED or OLED-like gaming monitors.

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Re: Samsung QLED TVs will soon rival LG’s OLEDs in a major way

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 02 Dec 2019, 20:22

mello wrote:
29 Nov 2019, 05:23
... and we are still waiting for quality and affordable OLED or OLED-like gaming monitors.
We believe both LCD and OLED will coexist for decades.

There are inherent long-term advantages to LCD that are really hard to overcome. A well strobe-tuned LCD can outperform a pulsed OLED in motion clarity. The motion clarity of LCD becomes bottomless once GtG100% becomes crammed into the VBI (becoming zero crosstalk).

At that point, the motion blur is simply controlled by how brief you flash a strobe backlight, much like the 0.33ms strobe flash of a Valve Index virtual reality headset (which is LCD based, one-sixth the persistence of a 2ms Oculus Rift OLED).

With LEDs now lighting up stadiums, it’s easier to cram an overkill of LEDs in a theoretical heatsinked or water-cooled backlight, than to cram overkill of brightness in direct OLED pixels. The Talbot-Plateau law is currently easier with LCDs than OLEDs (easier to outsource overkill light, than to directly cram overkill light directly in the pixels themselves for short pulses).

Someday, I want to see near-REC2020 color gamut quantum-dot full-array local-dimmed 10,000 nit strobed HDR at <0.5ms MPRT. The law of physics currently allows LCD to do that, it will just take time. Nanosys technologies got the REC2020 gamut LCD down pat.
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