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Re: Impulsive scanning Samsung SVA(Super Vertical Alignment)

PostPosted: 05 Oct 2017, 11:43
by Chief Blur Buster
StrobeMaster wrote:
Q83Ia7ta wrote:Samsung rather brazenly tout a 1ms grey to grey response time on these models, which given the panel type to be approached with particular caution. ... -freesync/

Yes, caution! Because PCmonitors talks about grey-to-grey response time while Samsung just claims a 1ms MPRT (Moving-Picture Response Time), see TECH SPECS in here. MPRT must not be confused with pixel response time. You can get a low MPRT by just using accordingly short strobes for the backlight.


To readers, MPRT and GtG aren't the same.
The numbers of the two can diverge a crazily big amount.
A 60Hz non-strobed TN LCD can have 2ms GtG and 16.7ms MPRT.

The only way to get 1ms MPRT without strobing is 1ms refresh cycles (1000fps @ 1000Hz) with no black-time in between. The only way manufacturers are doing "1ms MPRT" now, is to use strobing or scanning backlights, to insert black-time between 1ms frame visibilities -- to avoid the need for unobtainium refresh rates -- to reduce the sample-and-hold effect.

GtG = pixel transition time
MPRT = pixel visibility time (persistence)

By roughly ~2025, we will have 1000Hz gaming monitors (assisted by frame rate amplification technologies), but until then.... "1ms MPRT" is done via strobing.