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Gaming at 8K on a Dell UP3218K!

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Gaming at 8K on a Dell UP3218K!

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 25 May 2017, 11:52

ArsTechnica has a brief review on the Dell UP3218K -- the first 8K computer monitor at the $4999 price point. ... or-review/

8K 60Hz requires two DisplayPort 1.4 cables at the same time.

Benchmarks for a single 1080 Ti card:
Tomb Raider -- HI/LOW 18fps/8fps
Metro: Last Night -- HI/LOW 13fps/2fps
GTA V -- HI/LOW 50fps/15fps

Based on these numbers, you can achieve ~60fps in CS:GO at 8K, assuming AA is turned off. Not that you need AA at all at 8K.

This is essentially a sneak preview of the 2020s -- today. With Titan SLI you can get playable solo-gaming framerates, albiet with lots of motion blurring (no low-persistence possible yet for 8K). Eventually we need 8K for virtual reality, given IMAX-proportions of a surround-vision display strapped to your head, as even 4K pixels still become quite visible when blown up to such FOV proportions.
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Re: Gaming at 8K on a Dell UP3218K!

Postby RealNC » 25 May 2017, 13:25

Well, this doesn't look useful for playing games, imo. I assume CAD and medical imaging have a use for this. Normally, you'd pay a couple tens of thousands (or even more) to get such a display, way too expensive for your home office. But this makes it a reality.

Affordable 100Hz OLED is still what I'm waiting for :P
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Re: Gaming at 8K on a Dell UP3218K!

Postby lexlazootin » 26 May 2017, 05:52

8k vs 4k with MSAA, idk if i would bother at all for gaming.

Even at 8k, you would probably still need AA, yea it's whole less noticeable but you are going to notice shimmering artifacts unless you use AA, 2/4 would probably be enough.
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Re: Gaming at 8K on a Dell UP3218K!

Postby Xx123456xX » 12 Jun 2017, 12:07

Those benchmark frame rates remind me of the N64 Zelda games.

Either 8K 120Hz or 4K 240Hz will be my next step, and even then I'll probably wait until they're sub $4000.
Nonetheless this is pretty neat.
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