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Nvidia Introduces 65-inch "Big Format Gaming Displays"

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Re: Nvidia Introduces 65-inch "Big Format Gaming Displays"

Postby sharknice » 13 Jan 2018, 13:29

Mr.Fruitbaskets wrote:I don't get it, whats better about the bigger screen size? More ideal for people using surround sound setups, bringing people in the room to watch your banging setup?

I think it is supposed to replace a triple screen surround setup. You sit a normal monitor distance away and completely fill your peripheral vision. Play with high fov settings.

People are complaining it's too big for normal use. Well it isn't for normal use.
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Re: Nvidia Introduces 65-inch "Big Format Gaming Displays"

Postby lossofmercy » 16 Feb 2018, 21:22

Really, what I want is LG/Samsung/Sony quality displays with Gsync and ULMB. If they also had true Dolby vision style lighting (much higher lumen output), they might be able to get the best ULMB yet.

Also, 60-65 is perfect for my living room. That's what I want.

A guy can dream I guess.
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