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Acer X27: Linus Shows Off New 4k 144hz Panel/Monitor

Posted: 04 Jun 2018, 03:56
by lexlazootin
phpBB [video]

-It's from Asus and it has way to many RGB lighting options :lol:

-Runs at 120hz natively, when you 'overclock' the monitor in the OSD to allow 144hz it will run upto 98hz with G-Sync but any higher will cause chroma subsampling.

-You need a 1080ti or Titan V with the right firmware for HDR to work?

-He used Testufo in the video ;)

Re: Linus Shows Off New 4k 144hz Panel/Monitor

Posted: 04 Jun 2018, 04:35
by mello
and takes up to 180W ;)

Re: Linus Shows Off New 4k 144hz Panel/Monitor

Posted: 04 Jun 2018, 14:38
by Chief Blur Buster
lexlazootin wrote:-He used Testufo in the video ;)
Almost everybody who tests 120Hz+ monitors uses it. ;)

In fact, I was accidentally in the same media room as Linus at CES 2018 -- shown at 0:07 thru 0:12 in this video was the ASUS showroom -- the Asus media-invitation-only day (1st day of CES) in that showroom. I also saw the prototype of this display, though most of my attention was currently focussed on the BFGD at the time! Shook hands with Linus that day.

Re: Linus Shows Off New 4k 144hz Panel/Monitor

Posted: 06 Jun 2018, 17:41
by BlurZapper
And just like that 1.4 million people have already seen the demonstration of THE only working 144hz 4k gsync ips HDR monitor, before myself, who checks this stuff every day. :x It does look very nice, I'm happy to hear that the 384 local dimming works so nicely that its barely noticeable to see the glow. This should really help dark environment games!

Re: Linus Shows Off New 4k 144hz Panel/Monitor

Posted: 07 Jun 2018, 14:22
by Chief Blur Buster
Local dimming is something I hope arrives in sub $1000 gaming monitors by 2020.

OLED blacks are amazing in a gaming monitor!

$2000 is worth it for some of us -- but not all of us.

Acer X27: Linus Shows Off New 4k 144hz Panel/Monitor

Posted: 09 Jun 2018, 22:27
by Vega
I verified that HDMI does show the BIOS screen. So even those that can't boot/see the BIOS using the DP have a backup.
I also watched Oblivion 4K Blu-Ray via the new HDMI 2.0 port on the G-Sync module. HDR seems to work properly but the blooming is quite apparent. Especially when bright objects are near the letterboxes. Also, even though I confirmed my 4K Blu-ray player was outputting 4K and the X27 confirmed 4K input, it has somewhat of a "1080p" quality to it. Just doesn't look as clear as you would think for whatever reason versus a true 4K TV. Playing 24 fps content like movies too has noticeable judder, as to be expected since the G-Sync module has none of the TV type high end processing. Overall a bit underwhelming, but I guess anything would be when you are used to watching movies on OLED.
Obviously watching 4K blu-rays is not the primary purpose of these monitors.
Now that I've tested movies via the HDMI 2.0 port, I'll do a quick run-down of what I think about the monitor:

1. 4K at 144 Hz even though it is 4:2:2 10-bit is simply amazing for games. I don't run this refresh at the desktop since the reduced chroma is more apparent.
2. 4K at 120 Hz 4:4:4 8-bit on the desktop makes it the best desktop monitor I've ever used. Super clear fine text, snappy mouse, low input lag precise mouse movements. Hardly anyone has a 10-bit workflow on their computer so 8-bit + FRC is not a hindrance.
3. Stand is nice and modern, looks good and does what it needs to do.
4. Games in HDR at 144 Hz 4:2:2 10-bit look just fine. No real reason to use 98 Hz 4:4:4 10-bit HDR unless your FPS won't exceed 98 FPS anyway (very likely).
5. Colors are excellent. Quantum Dot film really has made this LCD standout. Ensure SDR Colors sRGB is set to "off".
6. FALD is pretty quick to react to movement. Keep on "Gaming" setting.
7. Wide gamma range and black boost for those that like to have the advantage in a game.
8. Motion clarity is slightly better at 144 Hz over 120 Hz. Pixel transition speed may not be quite as fast as the 165 Hz 1440p IPS gaming monitors, but it is fairly good.
9. On-screen aim reticles for those that like hardcore modes.
10. HDR+G-Sync+144 Hz+4K is an amazing combination and experience.
11. DC dimming.
12. FALD in SDR. Even though the monitor allows you to turn it off; don't. The combination of IPS and direct FALD without local dimming control leads to extreme BLB and IPS glow.
13. Contrast ratio greatly improved by the FALD.

1. 4K at 27", very good clarity. It is a neutral point for me and not a pro since I would have preferred 32".
2. AR film. It is much better than what they put on TN panels these days, but still short of my preferred semi-gloss.
3. Build quality. Not the best or worst I've seen. Joystick control on the back feels a bit flimsy.
4. Mediocre 4K Blu-Ray playback via the HDMI 2.0 input.
5. Light sensor on top of monitor. Auto brightness is not adjustable if turned on. A bit too dim for my liking when enabled.

1. Fan. I normally wouldn't care too much about the fan but it is audible. And it is always on. It even stays on for a few minutes after you turn the monitor off/standby. They really want to make sure this thing stays cool. To be determined if it is for the G-Sync chip, the FALD backlight, or both. Could effect monitor longevity if you plan to keep the display outside the warranty period. Although a fan would be easy to replace.
2. Wish there was some sort of indicator (LED color change?) to indicate when HDR was active.
3. Not a con for the monitor per say, but you will need some significant hardware to push this display. My OC'd Titan V struggles to keep up (90+ FPS) in a lot of newer titles with higher graphics settings at 4K. 4K is still very punishing and may continue to be so even when the next GPU generation comes out.
4. Auto black level in OSD doesn't appear to do anything.
5. Haloing is there. Not very noticeable in bright games but you will notice it in dark games such as horror/space shooters, menus etc. It is IPS+FALD, that's just the way it is.
6. Some GPU's won't show boot-up screens on the monitor using the DP.
7. If you use a aftermarket monitor arm, you may have to cut breather holes in the plate for the fan to breath.
8. 300 nit maximum SDR brightness. Perplexing to me considering how robust the backlight is. Most monitors these days have 350 nit minimum and gaming monitors pushing over 400 for those of us that like to play during the day in brighter rooms.
9. Even though it would be extremely hard to run at 4K, no ULMB. I feel this has been a wasted opportunity of the FALD backlight.

Overall for desktop use and bright games/first person shooters like PUBG and the Battlefield series, there is nothing that can hold a candle to the X27. Including a 2018 OLED. The amazing clarity, colors, high variable refresh rate plus HDR makes it a real treat. There are some significant drawbacks, most notably blooming and the fan, but if you want the best gaming monitor on the market, look no further.


Re: Acer X27: Linus Shows Off New 4k 144hz Panel/Monitor

Posted: 10 Jun 2018, 03:33
by Chief Blur Buster

Thank you very much for posting this.

Re: Acer X27: Linus Shows Off New 4k 144hz Panel/Monitor

Posted: 10 Jun 2018, 08:30
by RealNC
Vega wrote:significant drawbacks, most notably blooming and the fan, but if you want the best gaming monitor on the market, look no further.
Well, this depends on how good 1440p and 1080p looks on it. If it still looks like ass, then I'm not sure it deserves that label. "Best gaming monitor" implies high refresh rates and good image quality.

Re: Acer X27: Linus Shows Off New 4k 144hz Panel/Monitor

Posted: 10 Jun 2018, 17:18
by Chief Blur Buster
Blooming is a often a more minor artifact than IPS glow, TN viewing angles, etc. Especially when the zones numbered in the several hundreds.

And it definitely has good image quality in spades -- in many situations, better images by an order of magnitude. Properly-done high dynamic range can be quite stunning on a locally-dimmed display from what I've seen at CES, the best Quantum LED backlit LCDs had better image quality than the OLED HDTVs that I saw.

When I was at CES 2018, I saw hundreds of televisions and displays.
I was surprised at how OLED-like that locally-dimmed Quantum LED backlit LCD's were!

On average, my eyes preferred them over the OLEDs.

Alas, all of them are expensive at the moment (for displays that contained large-count-zone local dimming + quantum LED)

Re: Acer X27: Linus Shows Off New 4k 144hz Panel/Monitor

Posted: 11 Jun 2018, 05:21
by masterotaku
Vega wrote:no ULMB.
So the Asus has it (IIRC) but not the Acer? I wonder why, because these two monitors are basically the same thing, right?

Thanks for the review. It would be cool if someone tested G-Sync + ULMB on the Asus, and maybe 3D Vision too (maybe it'll have to use ULMB instead of Lightboost, because they didn't say anything about official support).