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Intel 9900K

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Re: Intel 9900K

Postby Notty_PT » 08 Jan 2019, 13:47

saw141 wrote:
Notty_PT wrote:i5 8600k @ 4,9ghz with a 40€ Air Cooler = best budget solution for 240hz gaming

i7 9700k @ 4,8ghz = A bit overkill as no game uses 8 cores, but less CPU utilization.

9900k is overpriced and can give you less performance than 9700k because of the Hyper Threading. Something that happens, for example, in BF V according to Guru3d and Black Ops 4. Games do not like hyper threading, unless you only have 4 cores, in that case HT will help.

9700k is my current #1 CPU pick.

Yes, to me is the best gaming CPU. The problem with 9700k is that on europe it can´t be bought for less than 460€, wich is a lot of money for a 8c/8t CPU imo. At a 350€ price point it would make more sense. So buying a 240€ 8600k is usually my pick because it costs 200€ less and provides similar performance. Also is cooler, easier to cool, overclocks easily and doesn´t need a beefy VRM motherboard.
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Re: Intel 9900K

Postby open » 10 Jan 2019, 11:09

In theory the 8600k is better because 6 cores is enough and both are non ht. But in practice and benchmarks the 9700k is the top dog. There is something more than just cores and clocks going on here. The 9700k is basically the same thing as the 9900k but with lower price as far as games are concerned.
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