New Laser TV! With flicker?

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New Laser TV! With flicker?

Post by nuninho1980 » 09 Apr 2019, 08:52

Hello. :)

At 50/60 Hz, Laser TV with flicker simulates to CRT, ok?
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Re: New Laser TV! With flicker?

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 10 Apr 2019, 12:38

Depends on the laser implementation.

Most laser TVs are DLP-based TVs, so are effectively sample-and-hold projection displays that are ultra-short-throw. Basically DLP chips illuminted by a laser light source (instead of HID or LED) permitting an ultra-short-throw with minimal lenses. Those won't be low persistence.

Only a few laser projectors are direct scanning based. THOSE are amazingly low persistence, and it was posted here in this 2014 thread. I'm keeping an eye out for higher-definition implementations, as direct-beam laser projectors are practically zero-persistence.
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