acer xv253qp problems with VRR on

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acer xv253qp problems with VRR on

Post by imaje » 22 Aug 2022, 13:31

got a brand new acer xv253qp, amazing monitor in almost anyway but one big problem. when VRR is on from amd adrenalin software, i get in different games( csgo and dota tested) this problem: monitor goes black/off for 2 seconds then comes back to normal in dota main menu it happens all the time, while in game much rarely, in csgo it happens more rarely but it happens from time to time and it's enough to be annoying. it's defenetely the VRR function because with this off i got no problem. but with VRR broken this is a huge dealbreaker. is there a fix for this or i might have return this amazing monitor? tried different amd driver, tried different hdmi cable/port, same issue. btw i'm using a 5600g btw with igpu and win10. should i just return this monitor or is there any fix cause having a monitor with faulty freesync is defenetely a huge problem.

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Re: acer xv253qp problems with VRR on

Post by Discorz » 15 Sep 2022, 16:33

If im not mistaken vrr blackouts happen when framerate briefly drops very low, making it unstable. Try raising the vrr minimum range value by few frames in CRU. But I'm not sure if that will help.
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