Monitor refresh rate not syncing with fps

Talk about AMD's FreeSync and VESA AdaptiveSync, which are variable refresh rate technologies. They also eliminate stutters, and eliminate tearing. List of FreeSync Monitors.
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Monitor refresh rate not syncing with fps

Post by Blackcobra » 20 Nov 2023, 02:46

I recently bought a LG 24GN65R-B. I noticed that the refresh rate and the fps in game are not syncing. I have seen others with lg monitor were there's refresh rate fluctuate with fps but mine doesn't. I have enabled the "fps counter" in the monitor settings, it displays the refresh rate of the monitor(that is my understanding).

Things I have tried:-
I have enabled freesync premium(basic) on the monitor.I use HDMI 2.0, so can't enable gsync.
I have tested it in two different games GTA V and valorant. I disabled v-sync in both games regardless of it the refresh rate doesn't match the games fps. It doesn't even come down below 144.

My understanding is that if I have freesync and enabling it should make the monitor refresh rate match the fps.
Do I need VRR for this to work?. I don't know much about VRR and I have no idea does my monitor has it. I don't have a console to test it.
Final question does it provide any advantage of matching the refresh rate to the fps?.

PC specs - R3 2200g, 1660s.

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Re: Monitor refresh rate not syncing with fps

Post by jorimt » 20 Nov 2023, 10:07

Blackcobra wrote:
20 Nov 2023, 02:46
First off, both FreeSync and G-SYNC are terms for "VRR."

Secondly, G-SYNC Compatible mode on a FreeSync monitor requires DisplayPort, and going by your monitor's manual, that model only supports VRR over HDMI.

So, you'd either need to purchase a different G-SYNC Compatible FreeSync monitor that supports VRR over DisplayPort to use G-SYNC mode with your current Nvidia GPU, or use an AMD GPU with your existing monitor over HDMI in FreeSync mode.
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