DP1.2a. Specification Change Request [FreeSync]

Talk about AMD's FreeSync and VESA AdaptiveSync, which are variable refresh rate technologies. They also eliminate stutters, and eliminate tearing. List of FreeSync Monitors.
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DP1.2a. Specification Change Request [FreeSync]

Post by Haste » 24 Jan 2014, 08:16

Leaked by Hardware.fr

source: http://www.hardware.fr/news/13545/amd-f ... -1-2a.html
Extend the "MSA TIMING PARAMETER IGNORE" option to DisplayPort to enable source based control of the frame rate similar to embedded DisplayPort.

Intellectual property rights

Benefits as a result of changes
This enables the ability for external DisplayPort to take advantage of the option to ignore MSA timing parameter and have the sink slave to source timing to realize per frame dynamic refresh rate.

Assessment of the impact
The proposed change enable per frame dynamic refresh rate for single stream devices that expose dynamic refresh rate capability in EDID for DisplayPort interface. The source will be able to enable this with an SST interface or MST hub with physical ports. Logical MST port support of the feature is not included as part of this SCR. A generic framework to enable such feature for logical port is required that can accommodate other feature where stream related configuration is programmed in DPCD.

Analysis of the device software implication
SST device which support "MSA TIMING PARAMETER IGNORE" option will be able to expose the capability in EDID and DPCD to let source enable dynamic refresh rate.
Source driver would have to be updated to parse EDID and enable "MSA TIMING PARAMETER IGNORE" feature when source want the sink to be refreshed based on its update rate.

Analysis of the compliance test and interop implications
Currently this feature is tested as part of eDP CTS. New test would have to be added as part of DP LL CTS and EDID CTS.
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Re: DP1.2a. Specification Change Request [FreeSync]

Post by Ewok » 24 Jan 2014, 15:01

Interesting. Thanks for posting.

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