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FreeSync with HDR -- LG 32UD99-W

PostPosted: 10 Apr 2017, 15:29
by Chief Blur Buster
There's now a FreeSync monitor with HDR support:

LG 32UD99-W Display -- 4K FreeSync with HDR10

It has 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut -- much larger than sRGB color gamut -- which is very good for an LCD computer monitor.

Re: FreeSync with HDR -- LG 32UD99-W

PostPosted: 10 Apr 2017, 15:51
by RealNC
The price doesn't bid well for the upcoming HDR 144HZ IPS G-Sync monitors. If this one costs $1000, I suspect the upcoming high-refresh g-sync ones will most probably go for upwards of $1500...

Re: FreeSync with HDR -- LG 32UD99-W

PostPosted: 11 Apr 2017, 10:17
by Chief Blur Buster
Not surprised,

I was actually totally expecting a little higher based on what I know (HDR and local dimming is extremely complex -- they triple or quadruple the price in some certain cases for first-come displays). Hundreds of individually separately-modultable LEDs (with more complex optics) is much costlier than one single modulatable edgelight and a sheet-based lightguide.

Prices will probably will come down in time.

Then again, for some readers here, price is no object.

For the upcoming 4K144 locally dimmable displays, it is probably the first time in history that true local LED dimming comes to consumer gaming computer monitors. Finally!

Man, I remember when it cost $1250 in year 1993 for a high end 17" monitor when everyone was using 14".

Re: FreeSync with HDR -- LG 32UD99-W

PostPosted: 29 Apr 2017, 13:12
by RealNC
Well, Acer announced the X27. 4K, HDR10, local dimming, IPS, 144Hz, G-Sync, everything.

$2000 :P

I wonder how much time it will take before we see equivalent OLEDs. Because that's what we're REALLY hoping for, isn't it.