Adjusting framerate w/o an AMD card

Talk about AMD's FreeSync and VESA AdaptiveSync, which are variable refresh rate technologies. They also eliminate stutters, and eliminate tearing. List of FreeSync Monitors.
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Adjusting framerate w/o an AMD card

Post by rofer » 10 Apr 2018, 09:01

I'm looking to buy a Freesync monitor and I currently have an NVIDIA card. Is it possible to set the monitor to refresh at a constant rate that isn't it's maximum?

I'd like to have tear-free gaming so I will be using v-sync, but at 1440p I won't be able to hit the 144Hz the monitor I'm looking at supports. I'd like to try playing a game, figure out what refresh rate I can reasonably hit, then set the monitor to that. Kind of like a poor-man's g-sync/freesync.

Eventually I'll have a machine with an AMD card and just use freesync, but I'd like to know what my options are until then.

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Re: Adjusting framerate w/o an AMD card

Post by RealNC » 10 Apr 2018, 09:27

Most gaming monitors can operate at any refresh rate you want. All you need to do is use CRU to add the refresh rate you want. I used to do this when I didn't have a gsync monitor yet, and had added 75Hz and 90Hz modes.

Some monitors will not properly support this and will frame skip, but this is very unlikely with freesync monitors.
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Re: Adjusting framerate w/o an AMD card

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 10 Apr 2018, 14:06

Yes - generally FreeSync monitors are very multisync.

Usually, any Hz in the VRR range can be created as a fixed Hz. It may sometimes have to derive from a specific dotclock, but success rates of custom refresh rates are very high on FreeSync panels.
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