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Freesync appears active on AG251FZ with nvidia card

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2018, 05:31
by fenderjaguar
I've had my AG251FZ for a while now, and I use it with nvidia card.

I recently clean installed windows 10, but now it is always saying freesync is active, instead of displaying the vertical refresh rate in the OSD. When I first noticed this happened there was a green flash when a game went fullscreen mode (reminicent of the time I had the first prototype gsync monitor, when it went into gsync mode) and from then on it just says freesync instead of the real refresh rate.

I must admit, I wondered if it actually is running in adaptive sync mode, but it's very hard to see tearing on 240hz, so I tested it in 60hz and I can see tearing, so it definitely isn't some miracle (not that I would actually use freesync, I prefer nosync in highest refresh, that's why I sold the gsync monitor and bought this).

Also, I notice that in nvidia control panel, it now says my AG251FZ is AG251FWG2?!

Has anyone else had this problem with this monitor? It only just started yesterdays when I clean install windows. I am wondering if it is something to do with "full screen optimisations" feature of windows 10, because I manually uninstalled a lot of the xbox apps with powershell on my previous windows install